• Jordan Public Schools has implemented our new lockdown practice and is calling this protocol Lockdown with Options. Those options are Run, Hide, Fight. Students and staff need to be empowered with options if the school faces a serious safety threat. A lockdown is initiated when there is a threat in or around a school building. A “Lockdown with Warning” would be called in a low-level situation like a police action in a neighborhood near school. “Lockdown with Options” responds to a crisis like a dangerous intruder. Because the safety of everyone in our schools is our first priority, the district is committed to learning from past crises, research and best practice recommendations.

    As a District, we have worked with the Minnesota Department of Homeland Security - School Safety Division and the Jordan Police Department to completely review and revise the District’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP). This plan is a private document that provides District employees and students with a guide on how to react and respond to a crisis situation. Our plan incorporates Run, Hide, Fight strategies.

    We have provided age appropriate discussion guides for parents to continue the conversation about safety and lockdown drills with their child at home.

    We'd like to thank neighboring districts, Minnesota Department of Homeland Security - School Safety Division, and the Jordan Police Department for sharing information regarding their procedures as we look to continually improve on the best safety protocals for our students and staff.


  • Run Hide Fight Video Link


  • We encourage all students to say something when they hear or notice anything that may seem suspicious or troubling regarding school safety. If there are any concerns about reporting and would like to remain anonymous, the Jordan Police Department has an anonymous “JORDAN TIP APP” that we encourage students and community to use. To learn more >