• Mindfulness is used by thousands of educators, parents and mental health professionals nation-wide.

    Supported by the latest research in neuroscience, trauma and social/emotional learning, the curriculum creates optimal learning environments that improve children’s focus, behavioral skills, physical health and emotional stability.

    Mindfulness has been delivered to students in different ways throughout the district – Yoga Calm and 1000 Petals (for younger students) and Change to Chill (for teens). During this uncertain time, practicing mindfulness techniques may help students and families.

    Our JES Social Worker (and Certified Yoga Calm Instructor) will be sharing online resources (several videos are on this page) and please consider the resouce links below.

    Also, middle school students will be receiving a "mindfulness moment" video from Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Rydberg every Friday. Encourage your student to use this resource!

    High school families and students should also watch for emails coming from your counselors with mindfulness resources to help during this time.

Help Manage Anxiety around the Coronavirus

    • Here are 4 videos to help kids manage anxiety specifically around the Coronavirus
    • Video for teens - Challenges we face during COVID-19
    • MN Association for Children's Mental Health has COVID-19 resources for families
    • Call to Mind has a variety of COVID-19 mental health resources
    • Website talking with children about COVID-19 – parent resource 
    • Video shared with middle and high school students in class regarding preventative measures
    • Video shared with elementary students in class regarding hand washing
    • Video (CDC) shared with district families in email regarding background on the coronavirus

    If you are in need of further family supports (mental, behavioral, financial, etc.), please contact a school professional at your student's school.


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