Equity Consciousness

  • A culturally responsive learning environment is good for ALL students in ALL schools. The focus will be on equity consciousness - becoming more aware of the unconscious bias staff and students bring to all relationships and the learning environment. Being aware of diversity [culture, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, socio-economic status] in a classroom creates a learning environment that promotes success for all students by recognizing individual strengths, acknowledging successful and harmful behaviors, and connecting students and staff to a positive school culture.

    It's just good educational practice!

    • Classroom Practice (Invitation)
    • Equity Sit-Ins (The 4 R’s - Awareness of Self Tool for Equity Consciousness: Results/Relationship/Rigor/Relevance)
    • Student Leadership Groups: E.L.C., D.L.C.,D.L.C jrs (across all levels of education)
    • Community Outreach and Involvement Nights
    • Administration Support/Discipline Issues
    • Caring and Committed Conversations (High School)
    • Harambee (Elementary and Middle School)
    • R.A.C  - “Recognize”  Bongo Drums
    • Celebration of Learning - Grade 5 -  Native American Unit
    • READO - Reading Curriculum
    • Stories of America - Middle School advisory curriculum designed to promote awareness of American success stories highlighting people of color.
    • Refugee Integrated Unit - Grade 8 - integrated unit of study between Global Studies and Language Arts to include a speaker