• District Mission
    Inspire a Caring Community to Ignite Learning, Innovation, and Success for ALL

    Equity Education Mission
    Jordan Public Schools accepts and values others for who they are and is committed to producing the structures and resources learners need to thrive in a safe and affirming environment. Equity Education focuses on opportunity and access in all realms of student life -- social and emotional needs and academic success -- for ALL.

    Equity Education Core Values

    • Excellence: Setting a high bar for learning, behavior, commitment, and service 
    • Integrity: Doing the right things at all times with honesty, trust, and respect
    • Innovation: Finding courageous ways to excel through research and action
    • Collaboration: Working in partnership for shared goals
    • Respect: Showing pride in who we are and celebrating our differences
    • Diversity: Strengthening through our many stories and backgrounds


    This website section was updated to offer clarification and transparency on Culturally Responsive (Teaching) Pedagogy at Jordan Public Schools.
    As a district we have engaged in Culturally Responsive (Teaching) Pedagogy for many years to focus on understanding ALL students and connecting with ALL students to ...Inspire a Caring Community to Ignite Learning, Innovation, and Success for All."
    The necessary equity work being done by Jordan Public Schools was defined long before current discussions of Critical Race Theory began, and is separate from the current national and statewide dialogue about Critical Race Theory.
    However, Culturally Responsive Teaching and Critical Race Theory share the same acronym — CRT. We have received feedback that this is confusing. It is our goal to provide as much clarity as possible, minimizing confusion to support our Jordan Staff, Students and Families in updating our language from Culturally Responsive Teaching to Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.

  • Equity Education Leadership Team

    Erin Hjelmeland
    Dr. Erin Hjelmeland
    Director of Teaching and Learning/
    Achievement and Integration Coordinator
    952-492-4486  direct
    952-492-6200  main

    Chad Williams
    Chad Williams
    Special Services Director/ AIPAC Supervisor

    952-492-4230  direct
    952-492-6200  main

    Sarah Miller  Photo
    Sarah Miller
    Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Specialist / 
    AIPAC Coordinator

    952-492-4305  direct
    952-492-2336  main

    Malik Peer Photo
    Malik Peer
    Equity & Outreach Specialist
    612-930-9805  direct cell
    952-492-6200  main

  • Highlights of Equity Education

    Mr. Peer opening a Caring and Committed Conversation
    Mr. Peer welcoming students and staff to a "Caring and Committed Conversation" (2017)

    student mentoring during committed conversation
    Students mentoring others during caring and committed conversation (2019)

    Ms. Miller opens the "Caring and Committed Conversation" hosted by Jordan with two surrounding schools, Shakopee and Prior Lake Savage. (2019)

    Lots of listening AND laughter at the "Caring and Committed Conversation" (2019)

    An amazing day hosting these students from Shakopee and Prior Lake Savage Schools! (2019)

    Active listening during a Caring and Committed Conversation
    Active listening during a "Caring and Committed Conversation" (2017)

    The READO program is an independent reading project aligned to Minnesota academic standards with three purposes: 1) Create reading habits, 2) Incorporate diverse perspectives through literature that celebrates differences, and 3) Foster a love for reading. Learn more about READO.

    Student recognition during Harambee monthly school celebration (2018)

    Harambee reflection
    Harambee reflection (2018)

    CCC and AIPAC
    Native Dancer performs for Jordan Students (2018) (event sponsored by JPS American Indian Parent Advisory Council and our Equity and Outreach Team)

    Grade 5 Celebration of Learning
    Grade 5 "Celebration of Learning" (2019)

    International Dinner
    One of our favorite nights of the year – student talent and delicious food! (2018, 2019)

    Learning to make tamales from scratch! Served over 200 at the DLC/ELC Dinner (2018)

    Serving international foods at DLC activity night
    Serving international foods at DLC Activity Night (2017)

    refugee unit
    8th grade students had the privilege of hearing Gospel Kordah share his refugee experience. In Language Arts and Social Studies, students have been reading the novel, "Refugee" by Alan Gratz and researching different refugee crises both historical and current. (2017, 2019)