History of Jordan Public Schools

  • There is no official date for the beginning of the first public school in Jordan although there is a reference made to a two-story schoolhouse as far back as 1858.
    Jordan School #1
    1872 (estimated) - 1897  This public school fronted Varner Street. It had four rooms, four teachers and 300 students. The building was demolished in May of 1897 and a new school was built on that site. (above)
    Jordan School #2
    1897 - 1920  Built for $12,000, the “Castle” school was built of brick and stone and has seven classrooms. It was destroyed by fire in March of 1920 and a new school was built on that site. (above)
    Jordan School #3
    1920 - 1965  A three-story building of concrete, steel and stone cost $125,000. A new auditorium was added in 1939 at a cost of $46,000. From 1965-1970, grades K-6 went to this school, and from 1970-1976 grades 1-4 went there. The building was demolished in May of 1979 and the Schule Haus (elderly residence) was built on this site. (above)
    Jordan School #4
    1965 - 2003  The new high school was built on Sunset Drive for a cost of $1.1 million. A new addition was added in 1970 for a cost of $960,000. From 1970 - 1976, this building housed Kindergarten and grades 5-12. In 2003, this building became a middle school for grades 5-8. (above)
    1976 - present  A new elementary building built at 815 Sunset Drive, housing grades K-6 (up to 2003). The building cost was $1.4 million. Presently, grades K-4 attend this school. (above)
    2002 - present  Two additions were added to the existing Elementary building. One which currently houses the Kindergarten and first grade and one for the purposes of Early Learning Services.
    Jordan High School
    2003 - present  The new 130,000 square foot Jordan High School, at 600 Sunset Drive, opened for grade 9-12. Cost of the building was $20.5 million. (above)
    JMS New CERC
    2016 - present  A complete remodel of the Jordan Middle School is opened officially to students. This project, to include an adjacent $45,000 community education and recreation center. Together, both project cost $35 million. (above)

    (credit:  Jordan Independent Newspaper and Jordan Public Schools)