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    If you need help with your Chromebook, please submit a support ticket.

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Chromebook Collection for Grades 5-12 End of the School Year

  • Collection Schedule is Listed Below

    Please review your child's device with them prior to device collection. We ask that:

    • All non-school stickers, protective skins, and writing/graffiti be removed from your child’s device prior to handing them in. Charges will occur if the device has stickers or writing/graffiti on it. 

    • Have your student check all components of their device including all keys on the keyboard, microphone, headphone jack and screen. Your student will be asked to report issues at the time of collection. Any issues not reported when we collect the device WILL NOT be addressed over the summer.

    • Chargers must be turned in with the Chromebooks or there will be a replacement charger fee of $30 invoiced to your Infinite Campus account. 

    • Any damage to the Chromebook that is not under warranty will be invoiced to the family. Any issues that are under warranty will not be charged to the family. 

    • All invoices must be paid prior to device distribution next fall.


    • Grades 8 Collection: Monday, May 20

    • Grades 5, 6, & 7 Collection: Tuesday, May 21

    • Grade 12 Collection: Tuesday, May 21
    • Grades 9 - 11 Collection: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, May 22 - 23

    • Elevate (SW Metro) Collection: Monday, June 10 @ JMS (information will be sent out directly to Elevate families)

    We thank you for your cooperation. If you have any additional questions please fill out a Support Ticket.

Troubleshooting Your Chromebook Issues

  • Restart Your Chromebook Once a Week

  • How to Clear Chrome Browsing History?

  • How to Update Your Chromebook?

About Your Chromebook 1:1 Technology?

  • As we educate 21st Century Learners, personalized learning via integrated technology will prepare our students for the technological and global workforce. Our students are exploring education – learning and collaborating beyond the classroom!

    We have been thoughtful in the implementation of digital devices for our staff and students. This process began in 2013 with upgrades to our District wireless and the use of Google Apps, continued with staff and students sampling possible devices during the 2014 school year, and was implemented in the 2015-2016 school year with the distribution of personal Chromebook devices for all students in grades 5-12. Currently, all students in grades K-12 have access to a 1:1 learning device. We call this 1:1 digital device initiative... PLANIT JORDAN (Personalized Learning and Integrated Technology).


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