Learn more about Flexible Learning Days

  • What is flexible learning?
    Flexible learning involves online or teacher-prepared lessons that students complete when away from the physical school building. Using one-to-one devices and making provisions for students without such devices, Jordan Public Schools (JPS) recognizes that education can continue even when students and teachers are not in the same location. Along with emphasizing the value of learning, the Flexible Learning Day encourages character growth in the areas of self-sufficiency, adaptability, and perseverance.

    What are the goals of JPS Flexible Learning Days?

    • To minimize the disruption to academic progress caused with school closures by making those out-of-school days as educationally productive and engaging as possible.
    • To allow JPS grades 5-12 students an opportunity to practice the kind of online learning that is increasingly part of both college study and workplace training.
    • To maximize the use of JPS one-to-one technology.

    Students in grades K-4: Students should spend some time outside and with family - play games, read books and enjoy some physical activity. Families and students may also be asked to access and work through Flexible “Online Asynchronous Learning” Activity Boards posted on each grade level’s website. Teachers are available via email to support student learning and connect with families.

    Students in grades 5-12: Students will complete assignments posted on Google Classroom, the school’s online learning platform. All assignments will be posted by 10:00am with teachers available to answer questions via email throughout the day until 3:00pm. However, it is understood that students will have a wide variety of responsibilities at home during Flexible Learning Days and that some may not have access to the internet. Staff members understand this and will be flexible with those situations.  However, the expectation is that students will complete the work in a timely manner as developed between student and teacher.

    Students with disabilities, as required under Chapter 125A, will have assignments designed to meet the needs of IEP/504 plans.  

    • Early in the academic year, the key stakeholders (case manager, parent, teacher and student) will collaborate to create the plan in an IEP meeting, other face-to-face meetings, or through email.
    • On a Flex Day the classroom teacher will be the main resource for help on assignments and lessons.  If a child ordinarily leaves the classroom and goes to another teacher for math, reading, or some other subject, then that teacher should design the Flex Day assignment for that particular area.
    • When a Flexible Learning Day plan cannot completely replicate an in-session school day, efforts will be made to provide the support needed by particular students.  For instance, if reading is a challenge for a student and the student has online access, the teacher may assign tasks on sites that will read text aloud.
    • All assignments will be posted by 10:00am with teachers available to answer questions via email throughout the day until 3:00pm.

    Students and parents without home Internet access or with limited Internet access must inform teachers of this fact so that needed modifications to assignments and due dates can be made.


    • Parents should visit with their child’s teachers regarding the expectation on a Flex Day. If required, special arrangements for students must be worked out prior to the first Flex Day. Families are asked to inform the teacher if they do not have Internet access at home since access to Google Classroom and completion of of regular 5-12 assignments will require Internet access by the student.
    • Parents of students in grades 5-12 are encouraged to access Google Classroom through the parent portal. Parents are welcome to contact the school for help in setting up their parent access.
    • Parents, along with teachers and students, are asked to remember that Flex Days are designed to be flexible: if a child struggles with a concept or assignment and is unable to complete the work that day, parents should remind their child to communicate with the teacher the next day about how to meet requirements.
    • Parents should contact teachers directly with any questions, concerns or frustrations they may have regarding Flexible Learning Day assignments.

    In preparation for a Flex Day, teachers in grades 5-12 have been asked to:

    • Familiarize students with Google Classroom so they will be able to access and complete any online assignments.
    • Provide a timely plan, posting work for the day by 10:00am.
    • Plan for self-directed, independent learning with specific consideration for age and individual learning needs.
    • Anticipate time requirements recognizing students learn at different paces, especially in an independent setting.
    • Customize learning opportunities with a focus on supporting troubleshooting for students with digital challenges.
    • Communicate with colleagues to ensure common expectations, communications and protocols.

    During a Flex Day, all teachers have been asked to:

    • Check Google Classroom and/or email throughout the Flexible Learning Day from 10:00am to 3:00pm.
    • Complete the Flex Learning Day: School Closings Google Form sent by the building principal (if applicable) by 10:00am. This form will allow district administrators and staff to better answer questions from parents on student assignments and will allow administrative staff to better support your own personalized growth on this day.
    • Continue your work as a team or individual on professional development topics.