• Jordan Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard
    The Jordan Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard, which tracks various data to help inform operation decisions, is available for community viewing. This dashboard will be updated weekly. While offering general health status, we remain committed to protecting the privacy and information of individual students and staff.

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    While weekly county level COVID-19 cases continue to be reviewed for significance in our learning model, Step 5 in the MN Safe Learning Plan allows for school and city level data to also be considered.

    This data includes the number of confirmed cases, quarantines, and close contacts in our school community, each school building within our district, and other data such as individuals with influenza-like illness. If these school or city numbers remain low, despite rising county numbers, a school may be able to remain in their current learning model. This is what MDH is calling the “scalpel approach.”

    According to Health Mueller, deputy commissioner of the Department of Education, the scalpel approach "allows school districts and charter schools within the same county to have different learning models."

    CLICK HERE for information on the JPS Learning Model and Scott County Data

  • The confirmed COVID-19 cases in our schools is an important number, but it is only a single factor in how the current learning model is determined. Along with county level COVID-19 data and local level (city and school) data, additional factors used to make decisions on our learning models are:

    • staffing needs and abilities
    • operations management
    • transportation readiness
    • Minnesota Department of Education guidance
    • Minnesota Department of Health guidance
    • contact tracing capabilities
    • building population
    • abilities to facilitate social distancing

    Because of the evolving nature of COVID-19 and the on-going efforts to create the best possible learning environment for Jordan students, updates to this page will be made frequently. Families and students will receive important information directly from the school district prior to a shift from one model to another. 

    Additional sources:

    • Scott County Data
    • Scott County COVID-19 Surveillance Report (Published Weekly)
      • Click here to view the latest information about COVID-19’s presence in Scott County, the State of Minnesota, and nationwide.
    • MN Department of Health Dashboard
      • Click here to view the situation update for COVID-19.