• Jordan Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard
    The Jordan Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard, which tracks various data to help inform operation decisions, is available for community viewing. This dashboard will be updated weekly. While offering general health status, we remain committed to protecting the privacy and information of individual students and staff.

  • dashboard

    While weekly county level COVID-19 cases continue to be reviewed for significance.

    This data includes the number of confirmed cases and quarantines in our school community, each school building within our district, and other data such as individuals with influenza-like illness. 


    Additional sources:

    • Scott County COVID-19 Surveillance Report (Published Weekly)
      • Click here to view the latest information about COVID-19’s presence in Scott County, the State of Minnesota, and nationwide.
    • MN Department of Health Dashboard
      • Click here to view the situation update for COVID-19.