AIPAC Events


    • Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month from 1:00 - 2:00 PM in the District Office.


    Native American Dancer Native Dancer performs for Jordan Students - 
    We learned and we danced! Students and staff learned about the spirit and beauty of Indigenous peoples through dance, song, and story! Thank you to our JPS American Indian Parent Advisory Council and our Equity and Outreach Team for sponsoring this exciting event!

    Sunka Wakan - student on horse "THE SUNKA WAKAN Transformations Horse Camp"
    During the summer, students participate in the healing (spiritual, physical and emotional and mental) through horse nation cultural values while participating in a Native American horse mask ceremony.  Students were taught the Seven Teachings of the Ojibwe Anishinaabe and Dakota values.

    Sunka Wakan Mission Statement: Through the horse nation, Sunka Wakan Transformations will empower, heal, and reconnect Native Youth to our traditional ways of healing.


  • Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.78, requires that all Minnesota districts and tribal schools with 10 or more American Indian students have an American Indian Parent Advisory Committee (AIPAC). These committees serve in an advisory role to their school/district and help ensure that American Indian students are receiving culturally relevant and equitable educational opportunities. They are critical to the achievement and success of American Indian students statewide.

    This council is also guided/funded through a Minnesota Department of Education grant. With questions, please email or call council advisors.


  • Day Programming: Once a week AIPAC students meet with Ms. MIller, Ms. Foyer, Ms. Hentges, and Ms Devine to discuss academic progress and engage in cultural activities that reinforce the students’ understanding of the 7 Grandfather teachings and other Indigenous teachings.

    Drumming: Travis Decory meets with our students twice a month to share in cultural activities and teachings. The students engage in drumming, beading, and teachings that promote cultural pride.

    Field Trips: AIPAC students are offered the opportunity to attend field trips that encourage a relationship with knowledge of Indigenous cultures. These trips offer experiential learning and community building for our students.

    Family Gatherings & Special Events: AIPAC values the connection between the families and the school community. In an effort to make the connection positive and strong, the council hosts family get-togethers. We get to know each other, share AIPAC information, and eat meals together at least twice a year. AIPAC closes the school year with an annual Honors Banquet. The banquet celebrates the strengths and talents of all of our students. The eagle feather is presented to all graduating seniors to acknowledge their academic achievements.

    Academic Coaching: Academic coaching is available to our students Monday - Friday from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Academic coaches and JMS teachers, Lisa Ruehling and Jessica Devine support our students in accomplishing their academic goals. Transportation is provided.

    506 Forms: Students who turn in a 506 form are eligible to receive reimbursements for educational expenses. Please contact Sarah Miller, AIPAC coordinator, for more information if your child is eligible and you would like more information. Staff Professional Development: AIPAC offers Jordan School District employees opportunities to grow in their understanding of Indigenous Cultures. During these professional development experiences participants will learn from Indigenous teachers how to develop an appreciation and respect for Indigenous ways of life and learning.

American Indian Parent Advisory Council

Council Leadership

  • Voting Council Members:
    Allen Houdek - Chair
    Ann Hiegel - Vice Chair
    Jeff Vizenor - Voting Member 

    District Contact:
    Chad Williams
    Director of Special Services
    952-492-4230  direct

    Sarah Miller 
    AIPAC Coordinator
    952-492-4305  direct