• The Curriculum and Technology Integration Advisory Council makes recommendations to the school board regarding curriculum program improvements.

    The council, comprised of parents, staff and community members, provides continuous curriculum evaluation and review to ensure that all curriculum content is comprehensive. This Advisory Council meets monthly on the third Monday of the month (starting in October) from 6:00pm - 7:30pm in the CERC Multipurpose Room.


  • The basic plan for public input into curricular matters is through the Curriculum and Technology Integration Advisory Council, which is composed of the following:

    • Parents and Community Members
    • School Board member(s)
    • Director of Teaching and Learning
    • Staff and District Administrators (as needed)

    Parents and/or community members shall comprise at least 50% of the membership. Members shall serve a one-year term, but multiple terms are acceptable.


  • Erin Hjelmeland
    Dr. Erin Hjelmeland
    Director of Teaching and Learning
    Phone: 952-492-4486

    Main Office: 952-492-6200
Fax: 952-492-4445
    500 Sunset Drive, Suite #1
    Jordan, MN 55352