Summer Programs Overview

  • What services does Jordan Public Schools offer in the summer?
    Jordan offers many different summer services for students in grades PreK through grade 12. These services include...

    • Targeted Services (Academic and Social Emotional Learning)
    • Extended School Year (ESY)
    • Credit Recovery

    Targeted Services:
    Targeted Services provides academic and social-emotional (SEL) support for qualifying students in grades 1-8 during the summer months. The main goal for Targeted Services is to reinforce and support the academic and social-emotional skills students learn during the school year. This program brings classroom standards alive through inquiry-based learning. Students can also receive SEL support through field trips and real life application of their skills.

    Extended School Year:
    Extended School Year is an extension of special education services for students with an Individual Education Program (IEP) that indicates they are in need of continued services over the summer months or during other periods of extended breaks in instruction. This program is meant for children in grades PreK-12.

    Credit Recovery:
    Jordan High School offers credit recovery (summer school) for students in grades 9-12. Students who qualify to attend credit recovery sessions during the summer will receive a letter from Jordan High School with more information. 


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