The Elementary School Experience

  • Jordan Elementary School offers an inclusive and welcoming environment for students in grades K-4 to grow and flourish. At Jordan Elementary, students not only learn the traditional standards, but they also focus on social-emotional learning and being good classroom citizens. After students finish their time at JES they will move on to the middle school with skills to thrive academically and socially in a new environment.

    J-Town PRIDE at JES

    At Jordan Elementary, students are learning how to implement the PRIDE model (Preparedness, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, Excellence) into classroom activities. Some ways students are able to demonstrate their J-Town PRIDE is through many of the opportunities and classes students are exposed too. Jordan Elementary students can look forward to performing in concerts in Music class, learning new games in Phy Ed, playing with their newfound friends, and so much more! Students and staff at Jordan Elementary School are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all children to learn and grow.