• Welcome to the new Jordan Public Schools website! Most pages have been prepared for you but when the time comes to add pages or additional content, the resources on this page can guide you through the process and if that doesn't work, please call for assistance. We are happy to help! 

    Things to note:

    • The website will limit design choices (fonts, etc.) – this is purposeful so we can maintain a cohesive look.
    • Your areas divided into sections (ex: English Team, Grade 5 Team, Softball) and pages (which are similar to "tabs" on the previous website)
    • Each page is comprise of "Apps" – customizable building blocks for content. Apps might be for plain text (Content App), for a document library (File Library App), to link to a Google Folder (Google Folder App), to house quick links (Link Library App)... and so on.

    Links and videos will be provided below for assistance.



  • Kat Pass
    Communications, Marketing, and Events Coordinator

    952-492-4408  direct
    952-836-6115  cell

    Beth Dietel
    Technology Assistant
    952-492-4329  direct