• The Curriculum and Technology Integration Advisory Group will provide active community participation in:

    • Reviewing the school district instruction, technology integration and curriculum plans, with emphasis on implementing the Minnesota Academic Standards
    • Identifying annual instruction, technology integration, and curriculum improvement goals for recommendation to the school board
    • Making recommendations regarding the evaluation process that will be used to measure school district progress towards its goals
    • Making recommendations regarding the development of the “World’s Best Workforce Plan” and the “Technology Integration Plan”


    • We believe the primary focus of our schools is student achievement and lifelong learning and that technology and the integration of flexible and collaborative learning spaces should enhance best practice instruction.
    • We believe that students should have a variety of meaningful learning opportunities and electives to develop the 21st century skills necessary for career and college readiness.
    • We believe that instruction extends to settings beyond the classroom and school year.
    • We believe all students should have equitable access and developmentally appropriate opportunities to access flexible and collaborative learning spaces as well as to use technology while in the K-12 setting.
    • We believe all staff and students should have appropriate ongoing training to integrate flexible and collaborative learning spaces into instruction and to use technology skillfully, purposefully, and responsibly