• This website establishes the use of Jordan Public Schools trademarks, as well as the use of unregistered names, seals, logos, emblems, images, symbols and slogans that are representative of Jordan (together referred to herein as "Marks"). Our name and marks are the most proprietary parts of our brand as Jordan Public Schools.

    Members of the external community who wish to use the logo on merchandise intended for resale must follow the provisions of our Logo and Trademark Authorization Request Form. For information on licensing or other external use of Jordan Public School graphic identity collaterals, please contact the Communication and Marketing Department at communications@isd717.org.

    Protecting the Jordan Brand
    The marks of Jordan Public Schools are protected by trademark. As a nonprofit organization, Jordan's identity and resources may only be used in support of the mission of Jordan’s academics and activities. The use of Jordan Public School's marks, imagery, property/grounds may not endorse or appear to endorse any outside entities (to include outside clubs and associations) without permission.

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