• We are happy to work with families who are struggling with low account balances. We have created a process that will help notify you of a low balance and also a process to collect unpaid balances. To avoid involving a collections agency, we encourage you to contact Hope Mack at the District Office at hmack@isd717.org or by calling 952-492-4221.   Please note that all students will be served a hot meal regardless of the balance of their account. 

    Step 1:  Automated phone calls and emails for lunch accounts under $10.00

    • Email on Wednesday morning; voicemail on Sunday night

    Step 2:  At the 1st of each month:

    • Generate a list for negative lunch account balances under -$20.00
      • Mail the first letter, as a reminder, requesting payment

    Step 3:  After 30 days

    • For all accounts with a balance of -$50.00, or more
      • Mail a letter requesting payment and stating the intent to turn the debt over to our collections agency, specifying the date of intent.
    • Mail a 2nd reminder letter for those between -$20.00 & -$49.99.

    Step 4:  After 60 days

    • Forward debt to Advantage Collection Professionals for all accounts with a balance of -$50.00 or more.

    Step 5:  Adjust balance for all accounts that have been forwarded to Advantage Collection Professionals to a zero balance in Infinite Campus.

    Step 6:  This process will start over for these families if their accounts reach a balance of -$50 or more.


  • Set it and forget it! Your Infinite Campus Parent Portal has a great new feature... "Recurring Payments" – learn how with this short tutorial below (advance to timestamp 2:25)!