• What is Schoology?
    Schoology is a student learning management database used mainly by teachers and students at the middle and high school. Parents/guardians can receive access for reference.

    Where is Schoology located?

    What will I find on Schoology?

    • Courses and Class Descriptions
    • Assignments
    • Multimedia (links to resources, video and audio clips)
    • Class Discussions
    • Online Quizzes
    • Assignment Submission Link
    • Academic Planner/Calendar

    How do I create my parent/guardian access to my student(s) account?
    To receive your parent/guardian access, please contact Erin Hjelmeland, Director of Teaching and Learning, at or call 952-492-4486. 

    Is there a mobile app?
    Yes.  There is a Schoology app for iPhones and iPad through the App Store.

    How is Schoology different from Infinite Campus?
    Infinite Campus is a student information database. Schoology is a "learning management database" mostly used by high school and middle school students. In Schoology students and parent/guardians can find courses and class descriptions, assignments, multimedia (links to resources, video and audio clips), class discussions, online quizzes, assignment submission links, academic planner/calendar, etc. 


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