• What is PLANIT JORDAN?
    PLANIT JORDAN is our 1:1 digital device initiative for students in grades 5 – 12. Putting a digital device in the hands of these students will foster a Digital Learning Environment (DLE), allowing these students to use technology in the classroom and anywhere they travel with their device, integrating traditional classroom practice with the technical and collaborative work practices of tomorrow.

    Does digital learning align with our strategic direction? YES!

    • Improve student achievement, learning and career and college readiness
    • Integrate data-informed instruction, assessment and learning
    • Provide a safe and collaborative culture in which to learn and work
    • Manage resources (human, financial, and physical)
    • Improve community connection, satisfaction and engagement

    Why is a 1:1 device important?
    An individual device provides students with a learning environment anywhere and anytime and provides electronic resources available to enhance teaching and learning. With a personal device, students will have continual access to documents, research, and content. With the addition of a learning management system such as Schoology, our teachers/students can experience immediate feedback, collaboration, and document access. Digital Learning supports the Jordan School District mission statement: Inspire a caring community to ignite learning, innovation, and success for all.

    What is a Digital Learning Environment (DLE)?
    A Digital Learning Environment (DLE) is any learning that is facilitated by technology. With this, access, teachers/students can have unlimited access to integrate 21st Century skills into learning and collaboration.

    When do students receive their Chromebook?
    For the current school year, student 1:1 devices will be distributed August 21-22 at Jordan Middle School. Devices that are not received during this event will be distributed during the first week of school.

    Daily expectations of a digital learner? 
    Expectations include, but are not limited to:

    • Bring your device to school daily.
    • Charge your device each night.
    • Protect your device from damage.
    • Refrain from giving their login information to others.
    • Complete all electronic coursework.
    • Follow the guidelines of the Jordan School District Internet Acceptable Use Policy (524) regardless of the location (school or home) of their internet use.

    What is the digital learning device policy?
    Use of the District-issued Chromebook is a privilege and not a right. By implementing a Digital Learning Environment, and authorizing the use of District-owned Chromebooks, the District does not intend to relinquish control over the Chromebooks. Student users should not have any expectation of privacy in the content of files on the Chromebooks.

    What is the "Technology Use, Support, and Protection Fee?"
    The Technology Use, Support, & Protection Fee is an option for families that provides students with protection against accidental damage, loss, or theft:

    Optional Annual Fee:

      • $20 Annual Fee ($10 for those qualifying for Free/Reduced Program) - For your protection, we recommend this payment be made prior to the student receiving their Chromebook. Insurance protection IS NOT ACTIVE until payment is received. Those opting for insurance must make payment by Monday, September 30, 2019 for the school year. **REMEMBER: If you take the device on distribution night without insurance, you are responsible for any damage that occurs until insurance is purchased.

    Per Incident Deductible Fee: Each occurrence of damage, loss, or theft is subject to a deductible payment. This includes all damage to devices, including accidental damage.

      • first event at $30 
      • second event at $60
      • third and all future events at $90 

    What if my students loses their power cord?
    Jordan Schools will provide each student with a power cord when he/she first receives the device. Lost power cords are the responsibility of the family to replace. The district has additional power cords available for purchase ($15).

    My student doesn't attend JHS as a full-time student, do they still get a Chromebook?
    Not all students that receive services or take classes from JHS will receive a Chromebook.

    The following will receive a Chromebook:

      • Full-time students
      • Part time PSEO/Part Time JHS Students

    The following will not receive a Chromebook:

      • Full-time PSEO students
      • Homeschool students
      • SW Metro Student/District Resident

    What about Grades K–4?
    A Digital Learning Environment is important across the Jordan School District. Although grades K–4 will not receive a personal digital device, at Jordan Elementary, technology is woven into everyday learning. Chromebook and iPad carts have been available at JES since 2013. Additional chromebook carts have been added for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Are students allowed to take their Chromebook home?
    Yes. It is important for students to take their device home each evening. A Digital Learning Environment encourages accessing learning anywhere and at anytime. Teachers will expect students to utilize their device to complete homework and to fully charge their device before the next school day.                          

    Will my student have a school email account?
    Each student in grades 2–12 is given a Jordan School District Gmail account through Google Apps for Education. Many are already familiar with this account. This is the account that students are expected to use so that staff can communicate with them regarding school coursework. Our District Gmail accounts are limited to access within the district. Emails that are sent or received from outside of the district domain are blocked.                                       

    How long will the device battery last?
    The Chromebook device is known for an exceptional battery life and should last throughout the school day depending on what your student is doing. Students should come to school each day with a fully charged device.

    Can my student decorate/personalize their Chromebook?
    NO. Each Chromebook is owned by the Jordan School District and any decorating/personalizing of the device (tape, stickers, markers, etc.) will be considered vandalism. If a student has purchased their own protective sleeve, they can personalize the sleeve if they wish.

    What about student who don't have access to the internet in their home?
    Similar to a laptop computer, a Chromebook has some offline functionality. For example, word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can all be created and/or edited without an internet connection. Free wifi is available in many locations within our district such as the public library.

    Will inappropriate websites be filtered on the Chromebooks?
    While on campus, student Chromebooks will connect with the District's internet content filter. The District filter blocks inappropriate content and helps assure safe websites. When off campus the district will use a third party content filtering system, Securely, to insure that students have a safe and secure internet while using the Chromebooks anywhere. For the curent school year, parents will be able to create an account with Securely to access information on their child's browsing history. To learn more about your Securely access CLICK HERE

    How are Chromebooks updated?
    Updates occur automatically when the device is turned on.

    Can a student use a mouse with the Chromebook?
    Yes. Chomebooks have a trackpad for student use, but if they prefer to use a mouse they must provide their own. Chromebooks do have USB ports for this use.

    Is print, paper, and textbook curriculum going away?
    Not completely. Reducing paper usage and printing is a cost savings to the District but will not be mandatory for all curriculum. We constantly review current curriculum to see if there are electronic options that are a better fit.

    Do teachers receive training for teaching with technology?
    Yes. Staff will continue to be provided training during summer workshops and staff development days to include individualized and peer-to-peer training.