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Ranae Case Evenson Named Jordan Public Schools Superintendent Following Vote to Remove Interim Title


Ranae Case Evenson Named Jordan Public Schools Superintendent Following Vote to Remove Interim Title

Jordan Public Schools (JPS) is pleased to announce Mrs. Ranae Case Evenson as its Superintendent, effective immediately, following Jordan School Board action taken on Monday, September 14, 2020.

Mrs. Case Evenson has served as Interim Superintendent at Jordan Public Schools since July 1, 2020. In addition to bringing a wealth of experience to the position, Ranae has also successfully guided the reopening of the 2020-2021 academic school year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, she led with a positive and determined attitude during a challenging and unprecedented time in education. 

In August of 2020, the Jordan School Board Personnel Committee met with South Central Service Cooperative (SCSC), the district’s superintendent search organization, to discuss three future hiring options; a fall superintendent search, a winter superintendent search, or the removal of the interim title from Case Evenson based on her current performance and best interests of the District. The removal of the interim title makes Case Evenson the Superintendent of Schools with the offer of an additional two year contract.

The SCSC consultants also individually contacted members of the administrative team, support staff, and teacher leaders to determine their level of support for the Interim Superintendent becoming the new Superintendent.

These inquiries brought many complementary responses about Case Evenson’s strengths and performance as a leader thus far. Comments included Case Evenson being:

  • “Ability to delegate.”

  • “Provides calm and decisive leadership.”

  • “Detailed oriented.”

  • “Solid communicator.”

  • “Process orientated.”

  • “Commitment to the community.”

When asked, “Would you support the School Board removing the interim status of Ranae and offering her an additional two year contract as your Superintendent?” all respondents interviewed supported considering this option.

Before the Board took action, positive sentiments were expressed by all present Board members. Board Member and Treasurer, Connie Hennen shared, “I recall a comment that Ranae made early on in one of our first meetings that she said, ‘for every single day I will be interviewing for the job that I want as a full time Superintendent.’ So I know full head on that she wasn’t taking this job as an interim, and she was taking it as a superintendent. When you have a passion, you can see that person's passion, and I think we can see her passion in a really difficult time in education.”

Ryan Dahnert, School Board Director and Personnel Committee member, followed with an additional congratulations to Ranae by proclaiming, “You definitely earned it.”

Mrs. Case Evenson responded with love for our students and appreciation for staff, “Our students are incredible and to get to do this work and support at this time, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, so I’m grateful for that.”