Phone: (952) 492-4261
    Ages: PreK – age 12
    Location: Jordan Elementary School

    WHO CAN ACCESS THIS CARE: (as of Monday, March 30)
    Under the Governor’s Executive Order 20-02, free school age care for the children of emergency workers. These workers are categoried in two tiers per MDE. Tier I are emergency workers and Tier II Essential workers. For a detailed list of these two Tiers reference the Care for Children of Families of Emergency Workers MDE document.

    7:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday
    FREE care is from 8:00am - 2:45pm (school day hours)

    7:00am - 8:00am (additional $9 fee)
    2:45pm - 4:00pm (additional $9 fee)

    Free transportation is ONLY provided for those needing care from 8:00am - 2:45pm (school day hours).

    • You MUST register for transportation on the registration form.
    • Routes begin at 8:00am.

    Lunch and milk

    eKids' Care will close at 4:00pm. A late fee of $25 will be applied if parent/guardian does not arrive by that time.

    Parent/guardian will escort child to the door. All children attending eKids' Care will have their temperture taken upon arrival. For the safety of all, children with a temperature of 99.1 degrees and above will not be able to attend eKids' Care for that day.

    Only authorized people are allowed to pick up your child.


    • eKids' Care accepts children with special needs if staff is able to care for the child’s needs in a GROUP setting. Parents must make known the special needs before enrollment to enable us to determine if we are able to provide the care needed
    • If eKids' Care has not been notified in advance of a child’s special needs and it is determined that we are not able to care for the child for the benefit of the child and/or eKids' Care, termination may be necessary.
    • eKids' Care does NOT do 1 on 1 care, however if your child is in need of 1 on 1 support, the district 717 will provide such care.
    • eKids' Care does NOT take drop-ins without registration.


    • Developing new friendships
    • Working cooperatively in group situations
    • Gaining respect for others
    • Developing greater self-confidence
    • Chance for supervised fun and play


    • Life threatening emergencies – 911 will be called and child will be taken to nearest hospital. Parents will be called as soon as possible.
    • Injuries (bumps, cuts, falls) – staff will administer basic first aid. Parents will be called if necessary.
    • If child is ill, parents will be called to pick up child.
    • Only prescription medicines in original bottle may be administered and only if parent and/or doctor have filled out a medical permission form.


    • Construction toys
    • Puzzles and games
    • Crafts and coloring
    • Creative play
    • Outdoor and gymnasium play


    • Students participating in distance learning will receive academic support. 

    The following is a list of unacceptable behaviors and may be cause for dismissal:

    • Physical aggression
    • Verbal aggression
    • Foul or abusive language
    • Willful destruction of property
    • Endangering others
    • Rude and discourteous conduct
    • Disrupting group activates of others
    • Refusing to obey teachers

    eKids' Care follows school policy of ZERO TOLERANCE of any weapon.

    We have designed rules based on promoting child safety and positive learning experiences. We strive on the behavior philosophy of Love and Logic. This philosophy enables the childcare providers and children to share control and decision-making while improving self-concept, behavior, and achievement for each child. It empowers children to learn from their mistakes and gain responsibility their choices. We have designed our rules at the children’s developmental level. Our goal is to intervene and redirect to change the course of behavior before a rule may be broken. We believe in praising appropriate behavior and being positive role models. We expect our students to display J-Town Pride, which is the model of Jordan Elementary’s Safe, Respectful, and Responsible behavior.

    When an inappropriate behavior occurs these are the steps that will be taken:

    1. Children are given a warning.
    2. Children are asked to take a break from the activity.
    3. An email is composed to parents with the child to make them aware of the situation.
    4. If behavior continues, a meeting is scheduled to determine a plan of action. eKids' Care may not be suitable for all children.

    Prior to suspension or termination of care, our staff will ensure that all options have been exhausted.

    All staff of eKids' Care are required by State Law to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect to the local law enforcement agency

    eKids' Care reserves the right to terminate child care services when a child exhibits repeated unacceptable behavior or is a danger to themselves or others, without prior notice of intent.