• All students must complete a full year of Civics 9,  American History 10, and World History. Juniors and seniors must complete one semester of Economics and one semester of Social Studies elective. Students may choose any course to fulfill the elective requirement.


  • Grade 9 

    • Civics
    • Honors Civics

    Grade 10

    • American History
    • Advanced Placement US History*

    Grade 11

    • World History 
    • Advanced Placement World History*

    Grade 12

    • Economics
    • OR CAPS Business and Economics

    Elective Courses

    • Government and Law
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • World Events
    • Food, Culture and Society 

    * These courses offer opportunities for Jordan students to potentially earn college credits while remaining in our buildings. To learn more about receiving these credits CLICK HERE