How to Request Your High School Transcript

  • Almost all college applications will require an official copy of your high school transcript. Your transcript includes:

    • Your classes, semester grades, cumulative weighted grade point average

    For it to be official, it must have the school seal and be mailed directly from Jordan High School. Allow enough time for processing (at least two weeks) and the time necessary for your transcript to arrive on time. To request an offical transcript please fill out a TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM. For specific questions please contact Renee Hentges or Robin Whiteside. 

How to Request Your College Transcript

  • The Minnesota State system now uses eTranscript. If you need an official transcript sent to a Minnesota State College or University, that institution will obtain your transcript electronically free of charge. Please contact that institution directly for further information. If the college needing your transcript is not in the same system, follow the steps below to request. You will need your College student/Star ID information.

    Link to all the list of all MN State Schools:
    (ex. Normandale to MSU Mankato it’s in the same system, request not required)
    (ex. Normandale to UMD needs to be requested and sent)

    Log in to send scores now to colleges, universities and scholarship programs. The fee for standard delivery of score reports ordered online is $15 per report. The fee for rush delivery of score reports ordered online is $25 per report. Standard delivery takes approximately 7-14 business days, while rush delivery takes approximately 5-9 business days.

    Articulated Credit
    Log in to your account you would have created in your class. You will have to print or save your Certificate as a PDF and then send to the college admissions office you will be attending.

    Go to Normandale Community College homepage. In the top right corner click on departments and then find Records & Registration. Once on the Records & Registration back scroll down the list on the left hand side until you find transcript requests.

    Crown College
    Go to the Crown College homepage. On top right of the page you can search for “Office of the Registrar” ( Then scroll down to request a transcript.

    University of MN- Twin Cities
    Go to the University of Minnesota homepage. Click on the “One Stop” link at the top of the page. Then click on the “Personal Information” tab. The drop down menu will appear and select “Transcripts” tab. Then pick the appropriate link.
    (Most of you will probably “order an official transcript online”. You will need your Internet ID for the fastest processing or easiest ordering. )

    MN State University Mankato
    Go to the Minnesota State University Mankato homepage. On top right page you can search for “Office of the Registrar” ( Then on the left menu bar click on “Transcripts” tab.

    University of Northwestern
    Go to the University of Northwestern homepage. In the top right you can search “office of the registrar” ( Scroll down and click transcript request processing.

    Central Lakes College

    Go to the Central Lakes College transcript request page ( On the page you will see a link to request official transcript. 


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