• All students must complete a full year of English 9 and English 10. Juniors and seniors must complete four semesters that include one writing course, one speaking course, one literature course, and one elective English course. Students may choose any course to fulfill the elective requirement.


  • Introductory

    • English 9
    • Honors English 9
    • English 10
    • Honors English 10

    Writing Courses

    • Writing Foundations
    • Practical Writing
    • College Writing l
    • College Writing ll
    • CE English Composition
    • CIS Literature
    • Introduction to Education*

    Speaking Courses

    • Public Speaking
    • CE Public speaking

    Literature Courses

    • Literary Foundations
    • Literary Studies
    • CIS Literature*

    Elective Courses

    • Independent Literature Analysis
    • Creative Writing
    • Creative Communications
    • Theatre Arts
    • Introduction to Education*
    • CIS Literature*

    * These courses offer opportunities for Jordan students to potentially earn college credits while remaining in our buildings. To learn more about receiving these credits CLICK HERE