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    Welcome to First Grade Distance Learning!
    Grade 1 Welcome Letter (English) (Español) (русском)

    As part of the district’s distance learning plan, your first grader will be asked to work on a variety of learning activities by using a choice board. You will find these in the quick links below.

    • We are asking for your child to complete at least 3 activities from each subject area per week.
    • On the choice board, under Reading and Math, you will see JWIN. Within those cells is a link that is to be used for any students who see special teachers for reading, math or EL.
    • If your child does not see a special teacher, their expectation will be listed above the link. 

    We understand that distant learning will look different for each family.  With your partnership, we hope that your child can have some normalcy and continue learning first grade standards.

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    • Students will be considered present, unless indicated by parent/guardian via phone call to the JES attendance line.
    • We encourage families to call the attendance line during an illness as it helps teachers understand the absence of participation in that day's learning. 
    • JES attendance line:  952-492-4444


    • UPDATE: So families may prepare if they choose, lesson/choice boards for the upcoming week will be updated by Friday at 3:30pm.
    • Teachers will be available to answer questions via email from 8am - 3pm, Monday - Friday.
    • If you email after 3pm, you may not receive a response until the next day.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email with any questions along the way. We will be available between 8am and 3pm Monday - Friday. Find teacher emails on the Our Teachers page. 

    The Grade 1 Team