• What Is Harambee?
    Harambee, which means 'pulling together', is a monthly celebration that creates an environment that generates positive energy and recognizes the individual, acknowledges positive behaviors, and celebrates differences.

    Harambee focuses on unity by empowering the youth culture to build strong relationships and connections between grade levels.  Harambee is an opportunity for staff and students to Recognize the uniqueness of each individual.  The assembly Acknowledges positive behaviors that promote celebrating our differences and developing a love for learning and school. By coming together, we make meaningful Connections with the adults and students of our larger school community.

    What Does Harambee Look Like?
    This 30-minute event will follow the structure below:

    • Introduction (explaining Harambee)
    • Cheers and Chants (create unity and positive energy)
    • Topic Discussion (recognize and celebrate differences)
    • Celebration Song (theme song)
    • Recognitions (all grades acknowledge students for positive behaviors)
    • POWER Chant (create unity and positive/high energy)
    • Moment of Silence (calm energy and quiet mind)