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    Welcome to Grade 2 Distance Learning!
    Grade 2 Welcome Letter (English) (Español) (русском)

    As part of the district’s distance learning plan, your second grader will be asked to work on a variety of learning activities by using a Weekly Learning Plan. You will find these in the quick links below.

    • We are asking for your child to complete at least 3 activities from each subject area per week.
    • Students who see special teachers for reading, math or EL need to refer to the link in the Learning Plan under J.W.I.N for differentiated group instruction. You can also click here to access their site. 

    We understand that each family has different resources (time/attention) and we know that distance learning may look different to all of us, but try your best to help your child navigate the material the best way you know how. Each family may not be able to have a Monday-Friday academic week or be able to work during the typical academic times of the day, but make it work for your family structure.

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