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Welcome to Support Programs

  • Welcome! It is our goal that ALL students are supported at Jordan Elementary School. Some of these supports may include MTSS and/or ELL/ML.

    What is MTSS?
    In education, Multi-Tier Systems of Support (commonly abbreviated MTSS) is an approach to academic intervention to provide early assistance to children who are at risk or already underperforming as compared to appropriate grade- or age-level standards. MTSS seeks to prevent academic delay through universal screening, early intervention, frequent progress monitoring, and increasingly intensive research-based instruction or interventions for children who continue to have difficulty. MTSS is a multileveled approach for aiding students that is adjusted and modified as needed. CLICK HERE to learn more.

    What is ELL/ML?
    Methods to be used in providing ELL (English Language Learners) or ML (Multilingual) students appropriate English language development services, as well as services to enable the students to benefit from the district's academic and special programs. CLICK HERE to learn more.