• Be Safe - Be Respectful - Be Responsible

    J-Town Pride is our JES school-wide behavior model we use to support students’ social-emotional learning.  Included in this positive behavior support and interventions approach (PBIS or Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports), JES will make sure to emphasize that bullying will not be tolerated.  Students and families can feel confident that we will address all forms of bullying and provide students with the necessary skills to prevent bullying from happening.  We also incorporate J-Town Pride on the school bus with our Peaceful Bus program.  This is a partnership between JES staff and Benjamin Bus Company that promotes J-Town Pride on the bus and helps create positive relationships between students and their bus drivers.

    When students demonstrate positive behaviors they will receive a
    J-Town Pride Pass for their hard work and efforts in following our school rules of being Respectful, Responsible and Safe.  Students will place part of their pass into a grade level bucket for a drawing at the end of the school week that acknowledges and recognizes their efforts.  The other part of the pass will be brought home to share with families as a communication tool and celebration of the great work happening at school. 

    We understand it’s normal for students to not always make the right choice to follow school and classroom rules.  In order to support all levels of social learning, we also incorporate
    Just Stop and Think slips.  This will be given to students who make minor mistakes, and is a way to communicate the behavior with parents and encourage positive conversations at home.   If your child receives one of these, we encourage you to have a conversation with your child about the behavior and discuss what could be done differently next time in a similar situation.  Please sign the slip and return it to school the next day. The slip will not go into their file, rather it will be used to track behaviors in order to give us an idea as to where we need to place our efforts in making school a safer and better place.  Students who receive multiple Just Stop and Think slips, or have a more serious offense, will receive a JES office referral, and will meet with building administration to discuss the behavior. The referral will not go into the student’s file unless it results in a suspension.


  • Classroom

    • Check voice level
    • Be polite
    • Do your best
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself


    • Use voice levels 0 or 1
    • Hands at your side
    • Face forward
    • Walk
    • Be aware of hallway space


    • Use voice levels 0,1,2
    • Use good manners  
    • Keep area clean
    • Focus on eating


    • Use kind words
    • Play safe and fair
    • Listen and line up


    • Use voice level 0,1,2
    • Do your job
    • For soap and paper towels, use what you need
    • Keep Clean
    • Report Problems

    Voice Levels

    0- Off
    1- Whisper
    2- Inside Voice
    3- Playground Voice
    4- Emergency


  • Be Respectful

    • Listen to the driver
    • Treat others the way you want to be treated
    • Have self-control with your body
    • Voice Level 0,1 or 2

    Be Safe

    • Have self-control with your body and voice
    • Stay seated
    • Keep yourself and objects inside the bus

    Be Responsible

    • Clean up after yourself
    • Report problems to the driver