Benefits Of Becoming A Business Member

  • Business Membership includes:

    • One family membership
    • Two individual memberships
    • Free access to the multi-purpose rooms for business purposes
    • Members will receive key fobs to gain entrance into the building and key tags to verify membership. 

    Cost for an annual business membership is $795 

Ways To Become A Business Member

  • Choose one of three ways:

    Print a Packet: Please return/mail completed forms to the CERC

    Register Online:
    You can register directly on our Active NET online system. If you are using the Healthcare Reimbursement, you will have to bring a copy of your insurance card to the CERC.

    In Office:
    You can pick up a printed membership forms at the Community Ed & Rec office located at the CERC.

    The CERC
500 Sunset Drive, Suite #3
Jordan, MN  55352