Facility Use And Rental

  • Our schools and facilities are available for group use and rental. To request use of space within Jordan Public Schools, you are asked to obtain a facility use permit. Depending on the organization, permits are issued for both no cost facility use and for facility rental. Jordan Public Schools are available to public organizations and groups with adequate insurance and are subject to policies and procedures outlined in the facility use policy (with costs, etc). It is important to note that submitting the request is not a guarantee of a reservation. You will receive an email notification when the request has either been approved or denied.

    Liability Insurance 
    Any association or group using the district's facitilities should provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the following:  A) General Liability Policy with limits of $1,000,000  B) Jordan ISD 717 listed as Additional Insured on the General Liability Policy.

    If needed, HERE is a link to obtain Liability Insurance for your association or group.

To Request A Facility Use Permit (Reservation)

  • A request for facilities must be made FIVE business days before the proposed activity. An approved “Facilities Use Permit Number” must be issued before school facilities can be used. A notice of cancellation is required at least THREE days in advance or the user will be charged fees as scheduled.

    CLICK HERE to request a Facility Use Permit (Reservation)
    (Link: https://fs-jps.rschooltoday.com/authentication/credential/login

Is Your Date/Space Available?


With Questions

  • If you have questions, please contact us directly
    Community Education Administrative Assistant/Facilities Scheduler
    phone:  952-492-4223


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