Never Finished Learning



    How awesome would it be to be in the NFL (Never Finished Learning) Hall of Fame? NFL Hall of Fame students will challenge themselves to continue learning outside our regular classroom activities.

    Here is how students can be an NFL Hall of Fame member:

    1. Choose any question from the five categories on the challenge list:

    *Social Studies
    *Language Arts

    Students can choose as many topics from any of the categories as they like.

    2. Use books or the internet to research your topic. Make sure that if you are using the internet that you ask for your parent's permission.
    3. Write the challenge category and challenge number under your name at the top of a piece of notebook paper and record your answer.
    4. Go over your answer thoroughly so you can become an expert on your topic.
    5. When you are ready, hand in your paper to Mr. Dietel. He will then find a time to meet with you and ask you some questions about your topic.

    When a student has completed 50 different topics they become members of the NFL Hall of Fame in Mr. Dietel's class. Hall of Fame members will be listed in our classroom and on Mr. Dietel's webpage. Once you're in the Hall of Fame you are in for life since you are a lifetime learner!