• Facility Rental Agreement
    Please use the following link to secure a rental agreement with Jordan Public Schools and Community Education & Recreation:

    Raw Foods
    If serving raw foods such as grilling hamburgers, or any other food items that has to be cooked, will need to secure a special event food stand license. Please use the following link to secure a food stand license through the Minnesota Department of Health:

    Pre-Packaged Foods
    Such as chips or candy, do not need a special event food stand license.

    All foods should be purchased from quality food vendors. Avoid foods that are being prepared at home.

    Safe Handling Practices
    Food handlers should thoroughly wash hands for 30 seconds with soap and warm water. All food handlers serving ready to eat foods, such as hot dog buns, need to wear gloves. Gloves should be changed after every hand washing and changed when soiled or contaminated.

    Cleaning of Concession Stand
    Will need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use. All hard surfaces need to be wiped down, floors swept and garbage cans emptied. Use the three compartment sink in the concession stand for washing pots and pans, using hot soapy water, rinsing in clean water and letting all pans/utensils air dry. If the concession stand is not cleaned, an additional cleaning fee will be assessed and added to the rental agreement.