• JMS Family and Consumer Science students (FACS)  


  • FACS 7
    In this course, students will study many aspects of the Family and Consumer Sciences content areas to prepare for the life skills necessary for independent living, including: nutrition, and introduction to foods and cooking and then sewing. 

    FACS 8
    In this course, students will explore science and math through cooking. We will conduct food science experiments and look at the role that science and math plays within the foods that we make and prepare. We will be in the kitchens two to three days a week to discover how ingredients work, how food cooks and the process of cooking.  

    This course will focus on nutritional eating and healthy snacks to make for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy you. In this class we will learn about nutrition, portion control and how to incorparate this into everyday living. We will spend time in the kitchens learning how to prepare healthy snacks for you to eat.