• Personal & Social Wellness

    • All staff trained in the “Pyramid Model” - a positive intervention strategy supporting social-emotional well being of child
    • Inclusive Classroom: We recognize the diversity of students, enabling all students to access the curriculum, fully participate in learning activities and demonstrate their knowledge and strengths at assessment.
    • Community Outreach

    ​Curriculum and Assessment

    • Meeting Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress
    • Literacy-based curriculum
    • “Handwriting Without Tears”
    • Mathematical Thinking & Problem Solving

    Arts & Creativity

    • Individual creativity and expression
    • Outdoor performing stage
    • Access to a full art program at JES
    • Access to a full music program at JES

    Physical & Motor Development

    • Outside playtime (playground, bikes, etc)
    • Access to a phy. ed. large spaces at JES
    • In room exercises and breathing


    • SMART TV activities
    • iPad small group time

    Environmental Learning & Science

    • Outdoor exploration and the "STEAM Shed" (PTO Donation - thanks!)


    • NEW Bussing option > Learn More!
    • Located at Jordan Elementary School which allows for access to many academic learning opportunities (music, gym space, art, media) and familiarity with spaces and school staff as preschoolers ready for kindergarten.
    • Hot lunch option for all day preK
    • Snack