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Jordan Public Schools adopts five year strategic plan by school board


Jordan Public Schools is thrilled to announce the adoption of a five year strategic plan by the school board. 

At their meeting on Monday, July 11, 2022, the Jordan Public School District school board formally adopted the plan that was developed with strong community participation. 

The process involved a number of ways for community stakeholders to be involved including Internal and External Surveys and Listening Sessions for community members, staff, and students to share their input and feedback. A Strategic Planning Committee made up of more than 35 stakeholders assisted in the development of the new plan. Gail Gilman, Director of Strategic Planning and Board Leadership with the Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) assisted in the development and facilitation of the planning process and provided guidance to the district throughout.

Connecting with community members was an important part of this process that allowed for a greater understanding of the Jordan school district community. Students and Staff also took an active role during the development of belief and vision statements for the district. 

A new Vision Statement was also adopted by the district, one that came directly from community members who served on the Strategic Planning Committee. The new vision of the district, which will be carried out through the established focus areas and goals of the plan is: 

Grow your Jordan PRIDE
Preparedness. Responsibility. Integrity. Dependability. Excellence.” 

The plan places a strong emphasis on engaging with students, staff, families and the Jordan community. Focus areas for the plan include:

  • PRIDE in Student Achievement
  • PRIDE in Student Support
  • PRIDE in Staff Support
  • PRIDE in a Caring and Committed Culture
  • PRIDE in Communications, Marketing, and Outreach
  • PRIDE in Facilities - Indoor / Outdoor Spaces

“We want to thank our entire community for supporting our district throughout the strategic planning process,” said Ranae Case Evenson, Jordan Public Schools Superintendent, “The abundance of input and feedback from our school community provided the basis for this important work and will help shape our district throughout the course of the next five years.” 

Jordan Public Schools will continue to provide updates on the details of the strategic plan as well as communicating benchmarks and achievements that are part of the plan. For full strategic plan details and information, please visit our website >