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Superintendent Matthew Helgerson Announces Resignation to Board and Staff


Superintendent Matthew Helgerson Announces Resignation to Board and Staff

On Monday, May 4, 2020, Jordan Public Schools Superintendent Matthew Helgerson tendered his resignation to the Jordan Board of Education. Helgerson also shared this news with staff through an email the following morning. Helgerson has served the district for seven years and his resignation will be effective on June 30, 2020. 

Jordan School Board Chairperson, Deb Pauly, shared this about Superintendent Helgerson. “It will be a great loss for our district, and we are very sad to see him leave this position. We understand he has a wonderful opportunity in the private sector, and we wish him nothing but the best in his new endeavor in life.” She continued, “He has developed a great leadership team, and we have a very caring and competent staff that will help us through this time of transition. He is highly looked up to by his peers and has been a true, ethical leader during many transitions over the past years.”

Pauly also noted many areas of accomplishment. Several include:

  • The remodel and addition of the Jordan Middle School.
  • The building of the Jordan Community Education and Recreation Center (CERC) and the joint powers agreement to operate it in conjunction with the City of Jordan.
  • The 1:1 Chromebook device program and the flexible learning day model.
  • Creation of the Jordan Booster Club and the Jordan Education Foundation.
  • Securing the donation for the turf field and concession stand.
  • The implementation of the Jordan High School Summit Academy.
  • Under his leadership, Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) practices and the American Indian Parent Advisory Council (AIPAC) were implemented.
  • Served on the Scott Family Net Board providing resources for schools including mental health and chemical dependency resources.
  • As a highly respected leader, Mr. Helgerson served as a speaker at the state level at MSBA Conferences, as well as at a national level at the National School Boards Conference.

Helgerson shared, “The experiences that I have had in the Jordan School District have been extremely gratifying personally and professionally. Jordan is the place where our children have grown up and have flourished. I’m grateful for the quality education they have received from some of the very best educators in the state.” 

In his letter to the Board, Helgerson continued, “I feel as though I’m leaving the district in good standing with excellent leadership in place and a team of employees who are dedicated to serving the students and families of our community.”

Helgerson listed several factors in his decision to leave the district and the profession of superintendent at this time. “I am choosing to leave for a professional opportunity which will allow me to further explore my passion for building systems, facilities and relationships focused on improving K-12 education for all students in Minnesota.” Helgerson also noted health and work/life balance as a contributing factor in his decision.

Helgerson thanked the employees and the community for the opportunity to serve over the past seven years. Helgerson will continue to reside in the community of Jordan and looks forward to seeing its “continued forward progress.”