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Jordan Public Schools hosted international speaker and author Joe Beckman. 

Immediate Release - 03/10/23

Jordan Public Schools (JPS) was excited to host international speaker and author Joe Beckman for student presentations on Monday, March 6, 2023. 

Students from Jordan Elementary School (JES), Jordan Middle School (JMS) and Jordan High School (JHS) attended age-appropriate presentations aimed at reclaiming human connections.

The JES and JMS presentation topic centered around Difference Makers with topics including legacy, choices, and courage. Students were asked to think about how they will be remembered. In the dynamic and high energy talk, Beckman shared a message that challenged students to think critically about how they are treating themselves, their classmates, and ultimately how they will make the biggest difference in their world.

The JHS presentation centered around topics including self-worth, resilience, and human connection. Beckman shared Three Phrases that he believes ALL humans need to hear: Love You, Push Through, Just Look Up. Through music, stories, and student participation, these timeless messages of self-worth, resilience, and human connection will be remembered for years to come.

This fall Beckman presented to our staff on the importance of fostering human connection, these presentations brought that message to JPS students. 

“Beckman started off our school year working with staff to help kickstart our year on a strong note focusing on those crucial human connections. Having Beckman come back and continue this message with students brought our work full circle. His energy, passion, and message easily resonates with adults and students alike to support our school community,” said Dr. Erin Hjelmeland, Director of Teaching and Learning for Jordan Public Schools.