• Important Information about Second Grade

    Please use this as a reference throughout the year for some important information about our classrooms.


    Second Grade Teachers

    Drew Sinke dsinke@isd717.org

    Nikki Carlson ncarlson@isd717.org

    Ruth Aldrich raldrich@isd717.org

    Lauren Meyer lmeyer@isd717.org


    Newsletters will be posted to my classroom webpage and emailed to parents at the end of each week.  They will include important information about the previous school week and the week ahead.  Please read these over carefully and post them in a visible location so that they can be used as weekly guides for the ongoing activities in our classroom.


    Please send an art shirt to school with your student.  This can be an over-sized T-shirt or anything that can get messy.  It will be kept in your student’s locker and worn for art each week.


    Tennis shoes are required for physical education.  A pair of tennis shoes can be kept in lockers.


    School library books should be brought back on media days.  Each week we will write our specialist schedule in our planner.


    Students can keep a sturdy water bottle with a secure cover in our classroom.  Only water is going to be allowed in the bottle, and water bottles will be sent home at the end of each week to be washed.


    We LOVE box tops! We appreciate all box tops that we get because they help us buy items for our classroom!  Please keep your eye out for these. Clip them, check the expiration date, and send them in!  Tell all of your family and friends.  



    During the course of each day, students will write in their daily planners and put assignments in their take-home folder.  It is your student’s responsibility to bring their take-home folder and planner, home and back to school every day.  Your student is also responsible for showing you what is written in his/her planner each day and any work they need to complete at home.  Please sign the planner each night so we know you are seeing what goes home daily.  Creating an at-home routine for the planner and for homework is highly encouraged.  Feel free to communicate with us through the planner as we will look at it each day.  



    Jordan Elementary uses PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies) to encourage positive behavior at school.  We teach students what it looks and sounds like to be respectful, responsible and safe!  When students demonstrate positive behavior they can earn a J- Town Pride Pass. We use a Just Stop and Think slip to communicate behaviors with parents.  If your child receives a Just Stop and Think slip please talk with them about what would be a better choice next time.   Please sign the slip and return it to school.  A more serious offense will receive an office referral.  We focus on being responsible, respectful and safe at JES!

    Read, read, read!  It is recommended that each student read an average of 15 minutes (outside of school) a day.  Research proves that this makes a direct impact on a child’s learning.  A reading calendar will be sent home each month.  Please find a place where this can be posted and easily accessed so that the number of minutes read each day can be recorded.  This can also include the amount of minutes that your second grader was read to by someone else.  At the end of the month, a parent must sign the calendar.  I will recognize students who consistently read at home.

    When sending daily snacks and/or birthday treats, please be aware and respectful of the students with allergies in our classroom.  Avoid sending snacks and treats that contain any type of peanuts or tree nuts such as Brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, or coconut. All snacks/treats that will be shared with the class must be store bought.


    The snack cart will be available for students to get a snack from each day.  If your student chooses to take snack from the snack cart, the cost is $50 for milk and $50 for snack for the entire year.  You can sign up for snack cart in the office.  If you bring a snack from home, please choose a healthy snack.