About Teacher

Phone: 952-492-2336


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a coach license from St. Cloud State University, Master's Degree in Education from St. Mary's University

Mr. Johnson

Grade 4 Teacher
I love being around children. The challenge to make connections with all my students is something I look forward to everyday in Jordan! Changing the "I can't" attitudes into "I can" is what makes my job the best!


  • 7:55am-8:10am:  Announcements-Pledge-Attendance-Lunch Count
    8:10am-8:25am:   Morning Meeting
    8:25am-9:05am:   Core Math
      JWIN Math
    9:30am-9:50am:  Mindfulness
    9:45am-10:10am:   Snack and Slilent Read
    10:15am-11:05am:   Specialists Day 1: Music  Day 2: Phy Ed  Day 3: Media  Day 4: Phy Ed  Day 5: Art
    11:05am-11:10am:   Bathroom
    11:15am-12:00pm:   JWIN Reading 
    12:05am-12:15pm:   Fill in planner/Read-A-Loud
    12:15pm-1:05pm:   Recess and Lunch

    1:05-1:10pm Bathroom

    1:10-1:55 Core Reading

    1:55-2:30pm S/S/P
    2:30-2:45pm Planners signed/clean-up   

    2:45pm Dismissal begins