• North Campus congestion relief and District programming extensions will be found on the new South Campus of Jordan Public Schools.


    • In July of 2016, the District purchased 40 acres of farmland at 940 Broadway Street South just south of Jordan between Hwy 21 and the west side of the Bridle Creek development along Hope Avenue.
    • The purchase of this property was for a price of $1,025,000. The District utilized taxable certificates of participation to make this purchase, using capital dollars to make debt payments.
    • There was no taxpayer impact associated with this transaction.
    • Most of the property is farmland (approximately 33 acres), but the property also includes a small piece of wooded land and a house built in 1999. The District has been renting the house out and has a lessee who currently farms the ag land. This rental income has helped pay back the certificates of participation (loan) that was used to purchase the property.
    • As part of the long range facilities plan, the South Campus will be home to the future Jordan Early Learning Services programming and a future new elementary school. In addition, additional ball fields, trails, playground, and indoor recreation facilities are planned for this new property.


  • North and South Campus Map