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  • When a student has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and needs to be provided Gluten Free meals while in school, the following procedure will be followed:

    1. A signed physician’s statement will need to be sent to the student’s school nurse and a copy will be sent to the Nutritional Services Director.
    2. A Special Diet Statement will need to be filled out from the student’s doctor stating what foods the student can and cannot have. The statement must include: The student’s diagnosis, an explanation of why the diagnosis restricts the student’s diet, major life activity affected by the diagnosis, the food or foods to be omitted from the student’ diet, and the food or choice of foods that must be substituted.
    3. A meeting will be set up between the parents/guardians, school nurses, Nutritional Services Director and Kitchen Manager to talk about the gluten free menu that is available and other ways we can accommodate the student that will work best with their particular situation.
    4. The parents/guardians will be given the gluten free menu and will mark what days their student will be taking a gluten free meal during the month. The kitchen staff will be given the menu so that they are able to prepare that student’s meal for the days they are requesting a gluten free meal.
    5.  Follow up with the parents/guardians, student, school nurses, and physicians will be done throughout the school year, or as needed, to make sure the student’s needs are being met.
    6.  All gluten free foods will be prepared in designated area separate from non-gluten free foods.
    7.  All gluten free foods will be stored away from non-gluten free foods.
    8.  All preparation areas where gluten free food will be prepared will be cleaned and sanitized before, during, and after food preparation.
    9.  All staff will be trained on gluten free food handling, food safety, cross-contamination, label reading of all products, learning all ingredients that contain gluten, and how to recognize an allergic reaction. On-going training with be done annually.

    With additional questions, please contact Andrea Schaak, Director of Nutrotional Services, at or 952-492-4417 and/or contact Nicole Langheim/Laura Menden, District Nurses, at or 952-492-4278.