• Daily Planner
    Students will fill out a daily planner. Planners can be paid for online. The supply fee is $6.00 this year. This fee pays for the planner and sketchbook.  This planner is a daily communication between school and home. There are two places to sign, one for showing the planner to their parents, and another to keep track of reading minutes.  Each student is expected to read 4 times per week between Friday-Thursday(a minimum of 15 minutes per time), this is a requirement that must be met in order for the student to participate in relish time on Friday afternoon. Due to the pandemic, we hope this can happen in the coming months. Also at the end of each quarter, there will be a grade level Planner Party (hopefully).Students are allowed to miss 5 signatures. Those students meeting the goal will participate in a grade level planner party. Please help your child with this important responsibility. Thank you for your support!!!

    Water Bottles
    Students can keep a water bottle in the room.  These bottles are only for water. They will be sent home daily to be washed.  Thank you.

    Healthy Snack Break
    Snack time will be from 9:25-9:45 each day.  Students can purchase snacks from school for the year.  The cost of snacks for the year is $50.00.  If you are not interested in purchasing the snacks, you can send a healthy snack with your child.  

    The cost of milk is $50.00 per year.  This is milk for our snack time, not the beverage included with lunch.

    Recess and Lunch
    Recess will be from 11:20-11:50 each day.  Students will eat their lunch from 11:55-12:25.  

    Our specialist time is daily from 8:25-9:35 
    Day1:Music  2: PE  Day 3:Art  Day 4:PE   Day 5:Media

    Birthday/Classroom Treats
    We will celebrate your child’s birthday as close to their actual date as possible.  They are welcome to bring a store bought treat, no homemade items are allowed.  Treats are optional, but keep in mind that we are starting the year with 23 students.

    Absent Work
    Students are given 2 days per day they were absent to complete their work. Absent work is given to students when they return to school after being absent. Please use pencil on schoolwork. Thank you!

    The homework requirement this year is as follows: Students will need to read 4 times per week at home between Friday-Thursday to fulfill the homework requirement to participate in relish on Friday afternoon (hope to have this in the future).Those students who do not meet this requirement will be in a catch-up room to read.  

    Each Friday, third grade students participate in catch-up and relish. (we hope to have this in the future)  If a student has completed their homework, which is required at home, reading of 4 times a week for 15 minutes or more from Friday to Thursday they earn Relish. They must also have other work assigned during the week completed, and have not had any disciplinary issues to participate in relish time. It is usually held outdoors.  

    Mystery Reader Program-Due to COVID this will not happen at this time.
    I welcome parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.  to come and read to our class.  If you would like to be a mystery reader please call or e-mail me to set up a day and time.  Often readers prefer to stay a mystery, the children enjoy guessing who it could be.  Readers usually read for about 15 minutes and then go on with their day.  This is a great way to share one of your favorite children’s books, or I will be happy to supply the book.  Readers are welcome to come more than once a year.  The children love it!!!!

    Student Vacations
    Parents have the right to take their child on a vacation during the school year. The policy is that the parents have to make a written request to the building principal. A copy of the approval will be given to the teacher so he/she can plan accordingly. It is the teacher’s responsibility to give the student two days to make up the work for every day that he/she is gone. To best meet the learning needs of the student and ensure he/she understands the concepts missed in the content areas, make-up work will be given after the student returns from vacation. Students are allowed up to 5 days of vacation during the school year.

    Please keep in mind that due to our  prep/specialist time e-mails will not be checked after 9:15 a.m.  If you need to leave me a message after that time, please call and leave a message on my classroom phone line 952-492-4327.  Thanks so much. 

    Conferences/Semester Grading:
    Fall elementary school conferences will be held on November 5th and November 6th. Report cards will be sent home in January and June. Grades are based on the following percentages::

    E=90-100%   S=80-89%   P=70-79%   N=below 69%

    Google Classroom
    Students will have a password and they can practice standards and skills here. Videos related to the standards can also be found here. 

    Connect ED/Beginning in Oct.
    This site is part of our language arts curriculum. Each student will have their own password that I will write in their planner. There will be weekly assignments related to our reading and language arts for that particular week. These assignments will be completed at school, but can also be worked on at home. There will also be spelling practice linked to the spelling city site. Connect ED is a great resource for students if they are ill, on vacation, or just want to get some extra practice.