• Math:
    Unit 8 completion by Friday January 12th as it will be going on this semester. Mrs Gulbranson will be leaving for a family vacation on the 17th, therefore students that need extra time will have to arrange that Thursday the 11th after school or work at home. Those that are finished with Unit 8 will begin their Unit 5: Fractions and Decimals.

    Process Review:
    Child completes the unit Pretest (without support), check over pretest to see what parts they need to review based off the Unit checklist supplied by Mrs. G. check off any parts that are understood and then complete process steps that are for ALL or that were not skills shown at level on pretest.

    Reading/Lang. Arts:
    We are very excited about our new READO program that we have started.  The students are choosing books based off of a sort of Bingo board.  The books include a wide variety of genres and cultures.  The goal is to get a READO and then from there, even a blackout if possible!  We are hoping to build a love of reading and so far, the kids are off to a great start!  They students will also be responding to what they read on Schoology.  Please talk with them about what they’re reading, and feel free to ask them questions about their books and get them talking to you about their books! You can talk with them about their characters, setting, plot, conflict, theme, etc. Happy reading!

    Monday, January 15:  No School
    Friday, January 19:  End of Semester 1
    Monday, January 22:  No School / Invitation Only Conferences**

    **January 22nd Invitation Conferences are for specific families for celebrations from first half year and/or planning for 2nd semester (letters will be going home next week or you will receive a phone call/email) 

    Lost and Found:
    We are continuing to see many things left behind by students in the halls and classrooms. We try to remind them once a week to look through it to double check if any of it is theirs, but often times there are very nice sweatshirts, hats, gloves, and water bottles that simply never get claimed.   Please remind your child that if they wear a sweatshirt that it should come home each night and not get stuffed into their lockers.  At the end of each month we will have a school wide “lost and found” look through during advisory and then the remaining items will get donated to a local agency that can put them to good use.

    School Supplies:  earbuds, pencils (many students running low), restock of paper, correcting pens, highlighters.

    Happy New Year!
    5th Grade Team