• This is a great place to see what your student is doing by the hour. This can be helpful for when you need to schedule outside appointments like a doctor or dentist appointment or to see what time they have lunch!


  • 8:10-8:30 Attendance, Lunch Count, Pledge, Morning Meeting

    8:35-9:25 Math

    9:25-10:15 Specials  

                                 Day 1 Music                  

                                 Day 2 PhyEd

                                 Day 3 Art

                                 Day 4 Media

                                 Day 5 PhyEd

    10:15-10:35 Lavatory Break/Snack/Read Aloud

    10:35-11:00 JWIN Math

    11:00-11:45 Reading

    11:50-12:15 Recess

    12:20-12:40 Lunch

    12:45-1:00 Silent Reading/Mindfulness

    1:00-1:45 Social/Science

    1:45-2:35 JWIN Reading

    2:35 Fill Out Planners

    2:45 Line up to go home/Pick Up kids & Kid's Company kids leave

    2:49 Dismissal/ Walk to buses