• Each day your child will come home from school with their DAILY PLANNER. This planner is a very important piece of communication between teacher and parents. This planner will contain information about all the things we did in school during the day. The planner will help parents stay updated on what their children are doing in school.

    It is the responsibility of the third-grade student to show a parent/guardian their planner each day. When the parent sees the information we ask that they please put their initials in the designated spot on the planner page for each day.

    Also, we ask the parent/guardian to initial in the designated spot if their child read for 15 minutes or more from home that night. Third-grade students are asked to read at least 15 minutes on three nights from Friday to the following Thursday.

    Thank you for your help with this. I feel the folder is very helpful in keeping families up to date on what is happening in our classroom.