• • •Grading and Behavior Plan• • •


    GRADING… At Jordan Elementary School, we have a grading system that uses the letters “ESPN”.


    Here is how we determine grades at the fourth grade level:


                  E (Excellent)           


             S (Satisfactory )


             P (Progressing)


                             N (Needs Improvement)   


    DISCIPLINE PLAN...  At JES, we believe in taking a positive approach to discipline.  We encourage all students to make wise choices.  They are expected to be responsible, respectful, and safe.  


    If students choose not to be responsible, respectful, or safe in fourth grade, the incident is written in their planner.  We call this a “mark” in their planner.  Occasionally, your child may receive a “Just Stop and Think” form.  These forms will be  sent home if your child needs a reminder to be responsible, respectful, or safe.  Please sign it and return to school.


    Positive Reinforcements:

    Friday Fun Day  -- At the end of the week, students who  have less than three “marks” in their planner earn an extra recess on Friday.  Students that didn’t earn the extra recess go to a quiet room.  (This quiet room gives them a spot to finish work they may not have completed during the week.)


    J-Town Pride Pass -- When students go “above and beyond” what is expected, they may earn this special award.


    • ••We are responsible, respectful, and safe•••