02/03/16 >> "Lockdown with Warning" Summary

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 – "Lockdown with Warning" Summary

At 9:10 am, Jordan Schools entered a “lockdown with warning” after police informed school district officials to hold all buses from dropping students. In addition, we were instructed to have parents keep students in their cars or to return home until further notice due to an incident, not related to the school district, but in the vicinity of the elementary school.


For the students already at bus stops, all buses continued to pick up. All buses dropped students at the Jordan Middle School. Again, all JHS and JES students were brought to the middle school. If your child is a walker, school staff looked for those students and took them into the nearest school.


At 9:40 am, the District received an ALL CLEAR from Jordan Police Department. Jordan Schools lifted the “lockdown with warning” after being advised by the Jordan Police Department that there was a resolution to the situation. All students are being returned to their respective buildings if their bus was diverted or if they were brought into another building.


Thank you families for staying alert and thanks to the Jordan Police Department for their advisement during this situation.

Matt Helgerson, Superintendent of Jordan Public Schools

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