8/10/15 >> JMS and CERC Building Project Update

Jordan Middle School and Community Education and Recreation Center
Building Project Update
This update is meant to provide our parents and community an update on the progress of the building project and what to expect as crews work to prepare the building for occupancy. The District has been working with our architect and construction management teams to ensure that the middle school is prepared to welcome students back on September 8th. We are also focused on opening the Community Education and Recreation Center as quickly as possible. Please reference the map at the end of this update as it will refer to areas A,B,C,D, and E and provide you with a visual link to the areas referenced in this narrative.

The entire project is quite large. Essentially, we will have a new middle school building and a brand new community center facility when the project is completely done in late December at a fraction of the cost of a new build. Below is an area by area update:  
  • Area B and Area D will be substantially complete with only some small finish work remaining by September 8th. This area houses some of our Special Education classes along with the core classes of Science, Math, Social Studies, and English Language Arts.
  • Area A will be substantially complete with some small finish work remaining by September 8th. This area houses some of our Special Education classrooms along with Industrial Technology, the existing middle school gym, a computer lab, a new multi-media classroom, Family and Consumer Science, and our new kitchen.
  • Area C will be somewhat complete by September 8th with partial occupancy granted. In this area, locker rooms will be done along with the Art room, Media Center, and a computer lab. This area also houses the new commons and District Offices. The Commons and District Offices will not be done by September 8th.
  • Area E is the Community Education and Recreation Center and will be complete by September 8th with the exception of flooring. At this time, the new concrete has not cured sufficiently to install the new rubberized specialty flooring. This is not unusual or unique to our project. We will continue to wait until the concrete has cured enough to properly install it. In the meantime, we will use this space as a “temporary commons” for the students to eat until the new commons is completed by mid-October. At this time, it appears that the Community Ed and Recreation Center may open in October or November, but the date continues to be contingent on the installation of the specialty flooring.
  • All fire and life safety features of the building, along with interior and exterior signage will be complete by September 8th.
  • By September 8th, the exterior of the building and the grounds will have all exterior brickwork complete, all new doors and windows installed, the parking lot and bus loop completed, and trees installed. In addition, all of the sidewalks will be poured and the final grade of the property will be complete. The phenolic wood paneling and maroon metal panels on the outside of the building will not be fully installed by September 8th. Also, the seeding of grass areas, prairie grass areas, and shrubbery installation will take place later this fall.
There is a great deal of excitement surrounding this wonderful project. We are anticipating and planning an opportunity to provide all members of our public an opportunity to see the middle school and community center in person. At this time, we have not set a formal date for the open house, but anticipate holding it in late fall on a Saturday or Sunday. We will publicize this date on our website, through our social media, and in the Jordan Independent when this date becomes clearer.

Thank you to the public for your support of this project! We are excited about the fact that our students and community members will learn and interact in these new spaces very soon!
Matt Helgerson

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