11/05/15 >> SW Metro Coop to Modify Local Building

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Darren Kermes
SouthWest Metro Educational Cooperative Modifies Building to Meet Student Needs

The SouthWest Metro Educational Cooperative (SWMetro) provides programs for students in the Southwestern Minneapolis/St Paul Metropolitan area. SWMetro has ten member public school districts including Jordan Public Schools. 

SWMetro programs are delivered in five primary sites including the River Valley Education Center (RVEC) in Jordan, Minnesota. The RVEC was constructed in 1998 at 100 Hope Avenue on the corner of the Jordan High School grounds. This facility was initially designed to primarily serve students with emotional and behavioral disabilities.  In recent years, the focus of service has shifted more toward students with autism and students with a need for very individualized programs and settings.

In order to better serve these students, the RVEC will add unique classroom space. The construction will occur on the northwest corner of the building (the part of the building closest to Jordan High School) commencing November 2015 and concluding February 2016. It should be noted that neither Jordan Public Schools nor any other member school district will be asked for additional funds to cover the cost of construction.
Due to the terrain surrounding the RVEC, access to the site for the construction teams will be across a corner of the Jordan High School grounds. The Jordan School District has agreed to allow access to this corner of the Jordan District property in order to stage equipment and materials including a construction trailer. In addition, a section of the sidewalk along Sunset Drive leading into the staging area will be temporarily modified in order to allow trucks access to the construction site. To ensure student safety, the area under construction will be fenced off. SW Metro will repair any damage to grass and landscape upon the completion of the project.

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